Straight Talk on Clear Aligner Therapy vs Brackets

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Clear Aligner Therapy – like Invisalign® treatment or ClearCorrect – uses thin, clear aligners to apply force against teeth to aid in tooth movement. The benefits are that they are clear, comfortable and easy to remove for routine brushing and flossing. That being said, patient compliance is of the utmost importance.

Brackets can be metal or clear and are designed to stay on the teeth 24/7, while they are moved into position. Brackets can be slightly irritating to the oral tissues but are perfect for those that are prone to “losing” things as they can’t be removed. Hygiene is just as important but requires diligent flossing between the brackets.

Treatment time can be the same for both depending on the situation. If you are interested in knowing which option is best for you, schedule a consultation, and get a clear understanding of what is best for your dentition.