Wonder Why Your Dentist Always Want to Take X-Rays?

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The mouth is one of the dirtiest areas of the body and changes can take place fast (well under the time frame for your six-month check-up).

What your dentist is looking for:
– changes in the bone around and between the teeth.
– cavities between teeth and under existing restorations
– pathology in the bones of the jaw
– widening of the ligaments around the teeth
– apical changes to the root of the tooth
– examine the area before treatment to minimize complications by having a full view of the teeth and bone.

Regular monitoring of these areas with radiographs can assist in early detection of infection, trauma, periodontal disease or even cancer. Because changes can occur so rapidly, it is important to use radiographic examination as a diagnostic tool in conjunction with a clinical evaluation. Being proactive helps to catch developing issues before they become big problems.